C.C.D. Lesson Ideas on St. Thérèse

Origami Rose

The Feast of St. Thérèse
One week from today (October 1) is the feast of the Little Flower, St. Thérèse; so it might be a good week to teach your C.C.D. kids a thing or two about this great saint!  Just a few ideas:

1)  If there is a saint book in your C.C.D. office, see if you can find a story about St. Thérèse to read to them. 

2)  If there are no good saint books available, consider purchasing one that you could use for lots of lessons throughout the year, for example:  Lives of the Saints: An Illustrated History for Children has an entry on St. Thérèse (as well as many other saints) and costs less than $10.00.

3) Pull up something online that you can share with your class as an introduction to this saint, for example:  St. Thérèse of Lisieux
4) If you have a map, show your class where France is in comparison to the U.S.A.
5) Do an image search on St. Thérèse and print out an image to show your class. 
6) If there is a stained glass window or statue of St. Thérèse at your church, take a quick field trip over to the church and point it/them out to your students.
7)  If you've ever said a novena to St. Thérèse and received a rose or gotten an answer to your prayer, share your story.

8)  Pass out a copy of a St. Thérèse novena to your students and challenge them to say the prayer once a day for nine days.
9)  Share a few historical events that took place in 1873 - the year of St. Thérèse's birth to help give the kids a perspective of the era in which she lived:  Events of 1873

10) Help your students learn how to make an origami rose (see link at top or below)  Don't feel obliged to purchase origami paper.  Regular paper, magazine paper, or wrapping paper all work well (construction paper on the other hand is very difficult for origami).  The paper needs to be square shaped for the project (any size).

St. Thérèse and Roses
St. Thérèse is often associated with roses because a few months before her death, her sister mentioned how sad it would be when Thérèse would die (she had been very sick).  But, the young nun replied that her death would not be sad, but rather like a "shower of roses."  People often claim to receive a rose from St.Thérèse while praying for her intercession. 
Directions for an Easy Origami Rose