St. Roch - A Special Saint for Dogs and Dog Lovers

A Stained Glass Window of St. Roch 
at the Church of of Saint-Pierre-ès-Liens in Dussac, France
Just around the corner, on August 16, will be the feast day of a special saint, St. Roch (pronounced "roak" or "rock").  This gentle man lived in medieval France, abandoned a life of wealth, went on a pilgrimage to Rome (in Italy he is known as San Rocco [ROW-koe]), and along the way ministered to people who had come down with the plague (miracles of healings were often attributed to him).  After tending to others, Roch contracted the plague himself.  Prepared to die, he retreated to a secluded shelter.  To his great surprise, one day a dog appeared with a loaf of bread. The dog began to visit Roch/Rocco each day, bringing him bread and comfort.  Miraculously, Roch recovered.

If you have been thinking of getting a dog, August 16 might be a good day to visit a nearby animal shelter and rescue an abandoned one ... in honor of this saint and his kind dog.  If it is not the right time for you to own a dog, but you have a fondness for dogs, consider volunteering for or at an animal shelter.  Contact your local shelter to see what their needs are.  Many would greatly appreciate someone just coming in to help walk or groom the dogs that they work so hard to find homes for.

There is only one church in Texas named after Saint Roch
 (located in between San Antonio and Houston)

1600 Frelsburg Rd.
Alleyton, TX  78935

A Stained Glass Window of St. Roch
from St. Roch Church in Alleyton, TX

St. Roch - A Special Saint for Dogs and Dog Lovers
July 26 issue of Today's Catholic