28th Anniversary in D'Hanis, TX

Chad and I celebrated our 28th anniversary this past Saturday by going to a fun steakhouse in a tiny Texas town called D'Hanis.

Noah, our youngest and only child left at home, joined us!

 San Antonio Rose by Ronnie Mason
at Bill & Rosa's Steakhouse

After supper, we visited St. Dominic's Church in "old" D'Hanis.  The church was built by Alsatian settlers; it was completed in 1869.  In 1881, railroad tracks and a depot were put in about a mile and a half away from "old" D'Hanis and one by one, the residents moved closer to the depot in search of better employment opportunities.  Soon, a "new" D'Hanis evolved; in 1914, a new church was built in the "new" D'Hanis ... and St. Dominic's slowly fell into ruin.   
 A relic from the Texas pioneer days ... St. Dominic's offers a quiet beauty and inspiration.