What To Buy A 79-Year-Old Mother?

Little Margaret

My Mom turned 79 on Saturday and truly has everything she needs!  I stumbled upon this book online and it really hooked my attention, probably because my mother's name is Margaret.  Though the book is short and written for a younger audience, I have confidence that she'll find inspiration in this story.

Talk About Abandonment!
In the 1200s in Italy, Margaret's father, a man of nobility anxiously awaited for a son.  He was horrified when a disfigured daughter was born instead.  The father did all he could do to hide Margaret, finding her to be an embarrassment.  At one point, he had her locked up into a small addition to a church in a forested area.

Blessed With A Prayerful Soul
Though God gave Margaret many physical difficulties and neglectful parents, He blessed her with a generous and prayerful soul.  She accepted the fact that her family wanted nothing to do with her and turned to God, making Him her true parent.

Many Challenging, Twists, And Turns
A war, being forced to beg, homelessness, a need to move from one place to another, time in monasteries, and much scorn ... Margaret's life was one of much struggle and difficulty.  But ultimately, people began to recognize her holiness, declared miracles on her behalf, and this little sorry sight became admired by many.  Margaret died in 1320 in Costello, Italy, and was beatified in 1609.

Little Margaret: The Extraordinary Life of Blessed Margaret of Castello is only 58 pages long and can be purchased at Leonine Books or amazon.com.