Countless Gifts From God ... Right Where You Are

A gift of a full moon for me too ... 
over the Gulf of Mexico ...
during its closest time to earth in 2013 (June 23).

You made the moon ...
~ Psalm 104:19a

I've been reading a book about a farmer's wife from Canada who was challenged to keep a log of 1,000 blessings that surround her in everyday life.  Simple blessings.  Not extravagant travels, or expensive objects, but, rather, things like ...

a cool Spring breeze
a colorful patchwork quilt
a sunbeam landing on a splotch of flowers
drizzly rain
colorful light shining through stained glass
sipping cappuccino with a best friend on the back porch swing
a warm memory of a Great-Grandma

My Great-Grandma, Anna Galen (Young) Lees
One of the most ebullient graces the farmer's wife shared in her book was of a beautiful full moon hanging over the family farm ...

That moon is so white. 
I could lie here forever,
murmuring the only language of the God-glory: gratitude.

The experience of consciously being aware of and writing down these 1,000 gentle gifts slowly, slowly developed a deeper love for the Lord and a fuller sense of joy in this pondering farmer's wife ...

 You've changed.  Yes ... you've changed. 
It's that list you've been writing, isn't it? 
~ A Friend Speaking to the Farmer's Wife