12th Grade CCDers & Birth Control

The Newborn
by Georges de La Tour (1640s)
Rennes, France

I have filled in for my parish's 12th Grade CCD teacher for large chunks of time in the past few years, and one popular question these kids ask is about the Church's stance on artificial birth control.  It's amazing how what they glean in the school hallways is so far from what the Church teaches.  They all know girls on the pill, and the culture tries to tell them that that is the way to go.  They are quite surprised, however, to learn what the pill can do to a woman ... 

Just a Few Facts About Artificial Birth Control

Advantages of Natural Family Planning
They are aghast and shocked to learn these things (and more).  Most of them are just as surprised to learn how Natural Family Planning has so many pluses to it ...

The Billings Ovulation Method
Billings Ovulation Method
I once told a class that I used the Billings Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning exclusively from marriage until the end of my child-bearing years (26 years); that all three of my children were planned, and it worked while nursing and through my perimenopause/menopause years.  You could have heard a pin drop.  They were stunned!  Many of them had been led to believe that artificial methods are the only reasonable options.  

Couple to Couple League
The diocese that I belonged to when I got engaged taught the Billings Ovulation Method, however, The Couple to Couple League is another very helpful organization on Natural Family Planning.

Non-Catholics & Natural Family Planning
The kids also find it intriguing that many non-Catholics seem to be jumping on this bandwagon.  Taking Charge of Your Fertility is VERY popular on amazon.  The author either carefully studied the methods that have been endorsed by the Catholic Church for decades, or came up with astonishingly similar conclusions!  
Natural Family Planning Classes
Of course, the kids need to know the many benefits of waiting for marriage; however, it's nice for them to know that when they are getting ready to get married, they can take a class on how to use Natural Family Planning, by calling a nearby Catholic Church for more information.

Planned Parenthood & College
Seniors in high school are just a short step away from college where they will more than likely be warmly greeted by a very pleasant and persuasive Planned Parenthood representative at a "Welcome to College" sort of event.  This representative will be super-friendly and eager to teach these kids beliefs which are so contrary to their emotional, spiritual, and physical health.  This makes it so important for Catholic parents and the Church to share the truth with teens before they head off to college.