Seven Quick Takes Friday ~ Hanging With God For An Hour

Our parish has a small Adoration Chapel in a back room of the church.  It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and requires lots of parishioners to spend one hour a week to keep it open and prayers going.  My husband currently takes the Wednesday 8:00-9:00 PM hour.  Sometimes I join him.  I always feel good when I do.

Once we were a little bit late and apologized to Mr. W. - the man who had the hour before.  He's a gentle 80-year-old man.  He assured us that it was no problem, that he "could spend the rest of his life there" - and it was clear that he meant it!  Mr. W's comment made me think of anchorites of the medieval ages - people who lived in a room adjacent to a church in order to pray as much as possible and sometimes counsel visitors. 

I love the intricate detail on the base of the monstrance; each of the four corners has a symbol of the four Gospel writers:  a man for Matthew, a lion for Mark, an ox for Luke, and an eagle for John.

It's amazing how quickly an hour goes by.  There's a nice variety of spiritual/prayer books to read, or you can just sit and hang out with God.

I am astonished at the many people who take on the late-at-night or very-early-in-the-morning hours!  I wish I could be so sacrificing to help keep the chapel open, but I am CRABBY if my sleep is interrupted!  But, maybe I should give it a chance ...    

A Prayer Journal is kept in the Adoration Chapel.  Sometimes it's interesting to read over the intentions.  So much hurt and difficulty out there! 

My Lord and my God!
- St. Thomas

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  1. I always wished I could do adoration. A hour scares me.

    We have a shrine in our city, I can be there for 20 minutes tops.

    After that I find my mind in a drift.

    1. Ha ha, Renee! Maybe you are a natural contemplative! Some people STRIVE to let their minds go adrift! Hopefully, it's allowing God into your mind. But, only you know what's right for you. 20 minutes is great too.

      Saw your 7-Quick-Takes ... don't forget that the statistics for child molestation/abuse in Protestant Churches is quite high. Higher than in the Catholic Church according to one major study. The poor abused/molested children in Protestant (and other denominations) have been largely ignored by the media, unfortunately ....

    2. I know. It really is a horrible secret we held in our society. We have a young man charged with child pron, who isn't a member of the our Parish but lives right next to the Church where kids walk back and forth from school.

  2. I completely agree with everything that you said about adoration chapels. It is such a blessing to have one nearby.

  3. Thanks, Amy! I hope you have one nearby too! Blessings!

  4. We have an Adoration chapel in our parish too. The hours are limited so Jesus always has about 4 to 6 people keeping company with Him. Quiet time before The Lord is always such a gift, isn't it.

    1. It is a gift. It can be hard to keep ours going 24/7. We're a pretty small church and so some people do a handful of hours to make it work.


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