One Last Confirmation

Noah Chad Andrew Nelson 
with Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller
April 21, 2013
Well, our youngest was Confirmed this past weekend!  It was a beautiful mass - we are blessed with an Archbishop who is a wonderful shepherd.  By the way, the Confirmation happened to be on Good Shepherd Sunday!  I think Noah got the gist of what it is all about and was happy to receive this special sacrament.

What Exactly Is The Sacrament Of Confirmation?
I bet if you asked ten different Catholics what Confirmation means, you'd probably get ten varying answers.  In a nutshell, Confirmation completes the grace of Baptism.  Those being Confirmed become "... more perfectly bound to the Church and are enriched with a special strength of the Holy Spirit." (CCC 1285)  "... the term Confirmation suggests that this sacrament both confirms baptism and strengthens baptismal grace."  (CCC 1289)

The Byzantine Way - Chrismation
My daughter-in-law was born into a Byzantine Rite Church and was confirmed (Byzantine Catholics call Confirmation Chrismation [CCC 1289] - from the "Chrism Oil" used for the sacrament) right after her baptism ... as a baby.  I guess they want that enriching with a special strength of the Holy Spirit right away!  
1) put the number: 1285 in the Search Box
2) Click on the title link
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Some Confirmation-ish References In The Bible

Mark 1:8 – John the Baptist's promise that Jesus will baptize with the Holy Spirit

Luke 12:11-12 - Jesus' promise of assistance to come from the Holy Spirit

John 14:26 – Jesus' promise of the coming of and help of the Holy Spirit (Advocate)

John 20:22 – The Resurrected Jesus breathing the Holy Spirit on the Apostles

Acts 2:1-14 – The Coming of the Holy Spirit after Jesus' Ascension

Acts 2:38 - Peter's encouragement to repent, be baptized and then receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Acts 8:14-17 – Samaritans baptized, but not yet having received the Holy Spirit

Acts 10:44-48 – The Holy Spirit falling upon the household of Cornelius who were then baptized also.

Acts 19:2-6 – Some Ephesians who had been baptized, but had not yet received the Holy Spirit.

Isaiah 11:2 - Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Joel 3:1 - Prediction of the Lord's Spirit to be poured out upon all mankind.

Seamus's Confirmation in 2003
Seamus Robert Francis Nelson

Can't believe this is the only shot I took!  He was giving a 
Thank You speech to the bishop at the end of the mass.

Ian's Confirmation in 2005
Ian Gregory Philip Neri Nelson

We have a lot more pics of Ian's Confirmation, but I think this is my favorite. 
He probably had some extra duty too (we're a small parish) ...
just can't remember and unfortunately didn't capture it on film.