A Shower Of Roses

It's rose season at the Nelson house (thanks to my husband's patient green thumb!).  Each year, it seems that all the bushes orchestrate their first buds to bloom at the same time.  After that, it's sporadic blossoming for the rest of the season.  But for now, we can enjoy seeing our rose garden in full concert!  The cross on the cabin is on loan to us from a dear friend.  It comes from a French vineyard.

St. Therese & A Shower Of Roses
By the way ... have you ever heard the quote of St. Therese: "I will let fall from heaven a shower of roses."?  Well, that quote is paraphrased a bit.  Here's what St. Therese said on June 9, 1897, just a few months before her death ...

Sr. Marie of the Sacred Heart (Therese's older sister, Marie):
What sorrow we'll experience when you leave us!

Sr. Therese:
Oh, no, you will see; it will be like a shower of roses.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~