I love it when people make up words if needed (my oldest - a "Communicationsologist" - is an expert at this).  I'm not sure if the movie portrayed this as it actually happened, but this part of the movie Julie and Julia really cracks me up ... when Julia begins to type her portions to the famous cookbook she collaborated on:

This has got to be a cookbook that makes French cooking accessible to Americans who do not have cooks ... who are ...  servantless.  Is that a word?

s e r v a n t l e s s ... I think it is a word.
By the way, the word "servantless" is indeed in the forward of her cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking (initially published in 1961)My blogger spellchecker alerted the word as misspelled, but it can be found in my HUGE Webster's Dictionary as a tag-on within the entry for "servant."  Who knows what the official status of the word "servantless" was in the 50s/60s.  I'm glad the publisher kept it in, and that the screenwriter worked it in, though.
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An Aside ...
Pope Saint Gregory the Great died/went to heaven 1,409 years ago today!