Book Review - Redeeming Love

I do enjoy a gentle, wholesome romance novel from time to time. Kind of a nice escape. A friend told me about Redeeming Love, and I decided to give it a try.

Some Clumsy Catholic References
While I enjoyed the story line of the book very much, Francine Rivers did include a few awkward
Catholic references. She mentioned things like the rosary, the Latin phrase "mea culpa," an unforgiving priest, etc. in ways that made me sense that her knowledge of Catholicism is through hear-say rather than serious research. I hope she is not anti-Catholic (I have not ready any of her other books). Francine deserves credit, however, for portraying a Catholic priest in a very nice light near the end of the book.

A Gold Rush Days Hosea & Gomer
Redeeming Love is somewhat of a presentation of the Prophet Hosea and his wife Gomer through the California Gold Rush time frame. Though the parallels are not completely aligned, I thought her presentation was good. On the whole, I did enjoy this book. It was interesting, well-paced, not too brash, easy to follow, and great food for thought/inspiration.