Restoration of a Family Heirloom

1981 - Graduation Day
With Sr. Mary of the Angels Moore
My Grandmother's Cousin
During my junior year in college, I learned that my Grandmother's cousin, a Franciscan Sister, had retired at the Motherhouse just down the road a bit from my school (St. Bonaventure University).  So, about once a month from then on, Sr. Mary would invite me over to the Motherhouse for Saturday brunch.  For these kind invitations, when the dorm was still quiet with lots of sleeping college girls, I'd trek - often crunching through lots of snow and freezing temperatures (uphill both ways, of course:] ... just joking, the Motherhouse was/is up on a hill, but it was downhill for the journey back to the campus) - over to the St. Elizabeth Motherhouse and have a nice treat with this (3rd?) cousin of mine.

The Atmos Clock Given To Me By Sr. Mary Of The Angels
Continued Visits
After graduating and moving away, whenever I was close to the area, I'd go and visit Sr. Mary.  As it turns out, her only two siblings had died childless and she was left without any immediate relatives.  I had become one of her closest kin.  She generously gave me the gift of an intriguing Atmos Clock that she had gotten somewhere along the line ... I'm not sure where, for she did a great deal of missionary work in impoverished parts of the world ... I wish I had thought to ask for more information.

Death And A Broken Atmos Clock
Sr. Mary of the Angels died in 2002.  When I learned of her death, I walked over to our treasured clock as a way to remember this kind elderly cousin ... and was stunned to see that it had stopped!  I can't say for sure that it stopped on the exact date of her death, but it felt like a remarkable coincidence to have noticed it at that time!

Not Too Many Atmos Clock Repairers Around!
It took us quite a while to get this clock repaired.  It is a highly unique sort of clock ... it requires no batteries, no electricity, and does not need to be wound.  It runs on atmospheric pressure alone!  And ... not too many people know how to fix them.  After nearly resigning ourselves to sending it to a special clock repair shop NYC, we happened to learn of a local-ish man in his 80s who has training in Atmos clock repairs.  So, after 10 years and some months, we finally got the clock running and once again enjoy its beauty and amazing time keeping!  Plus, it helps us to remember our lovely cousin, Sr. Mary of the Angels!

1997 - One Of Our Visits To See Sr. Mary

1998 - Another Visit To See Sr. Mary
At The St. Elizabeth Motherhouse in Allegany, NY
(Franciscan Sisters of Allegany)

1998 - A Warm Greeting On the Convent Guestroom Door

Some Of The Detail Of Our Beautiful Atmos Clock
~   ~   ~   ~   ~

A Special Note:  This past Sunday, February 3rd, would have been Sr. Mary's 105th birthday (b. 1908).  Happy Birthday Sr. Mary of the Angels Moore!


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    1. Thank you, Madonna! Please keep me posted if you decide to start a blog!


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