I So Get It - The Pope's New Calling of Prayer

Papa Benedetto
The Pope has resigned ... so unusual and hard to imagine!  The uniqueness of his situation reminds me of when I was in college and John Paul I had only been the Pope for 33 days and then died!  Like now, we were all so shocked that we would be getting another Pope so unexpectedly.

I really get and accept Pope Benedict XVI's decision.  He is getting old (He'll be 86 in April).  It is reasonable to understand that he may very well be exhausted and not up to the huge demands of the job.  While modern medicine may help us to live longer, sometimes it only allows us to linger on ... not exactly restored to new.

It has been reported that the Pope plans to live the rest of his life somewhat hidden ... in a monastery ... studying and praying.  Perhaps his time of quiet prayer combined with a healthier Pope will bring a unique brilliance to the Church.  I believe that his acceptance of his limitations is noble and fair.    

Today's Catholic -  February, 2013