A Muslim Conversion to Catholicism: The Price to Pay

The Price to Pay

I always enjoy conversion stories.  Scott Hahn's was the first I heard and was riveted.  Then it seemed like more and more similar conversion stories trickled in and I was always astonished at how much these people (often former ministers) had to sacrifice to enter the Catholic Church.

Joseph Fadelle's story, however, outdid them all.  I learned from his book that it is against Iraqi law to leave the Muslim faith.  Yet, despite this law, the wealth and influence of his Iraqi family, and intimidating social mores ... a powerful dream prompted Joseph (formerly Muhammad) to leave it all and become a Catholic.  The tortures and risks he put himself and family through were hard for me to imagine.

He could have life a life of great physical comfort in Baghdad if he had remained Muslim.  However, through his profound spiritual experiences, he (and his beautiful Iraqi wife) prefer poverty in a foreign country in order to practice Catholicism freely. 

The Price to Pay - Book Trailer