Cardinals and Blessed Cardinal von Galen

Blessed Clemens von Galen
A Cardinal In The Family!
Cardinals (the birds) have had special meaning to me for many years.  I have a clear memory of my mother telling me when I was young that my Great-Grandmother (who I fondly remember) was related to a Cardinal back in Germany … and that a Cardinal was higher than a bishop!  Although I didn’t quite yet understand at the time what exactly even a bishop was, through her tone, I knew this relative was a big deal. 
Cardinals (Birds) Causing Me To Pause
As I got older, whenever I’d see a cardinal (bird) I’d often think of my Great-Grandmother, and wonder about this Cardinal relative.  Unfortunately, no one in the family ever took notes, so we are unsure of the details. 
Either von Galen or Galen
One day I finally asked my mother about this Cardinal on the German side of the family.  She said that the she believed his last name to be either von Galen or Galen, the same as the birth surname of my Great-Grandmother: Anna Galen.  With a bit of online research, I found a Cardinal von Galen … right name, right region of Germany, and right time frame!  And … this Cardinal is up for sainthood due to heroically having stood up to Hitler during World War II!  An exciting discovery to say the least!

Special Prayers to Blessed Cardinal Clemens von Galen
I’ve been “praying to” Blessed Cardinal Clemens von Galen for a special intention recently, and asked for a sign … God knows how insecure I am … I like "Heavenly Hellos."  In the midst of my days of special prayer, my husband one day randomly took out his camera and took a photo of a cardinal he had noticed in our back yard.  I knew this was the sign from the big guys upstairs (God and Cardinal von Galen – who was over 6 feet tall).
The Cardinal Photo My Husband Took In Our Back Yard
During My Prayer Time "To" Blessed Cardinal Von Galen
A Relative?
I still don't know how or if I am related to Blessed Cardinal Clemens von Galen ... our family records end abruptly upon the Galens' immigration to the U.S.  But, related or not, it has been very fascinating to learn about his wonderful contributions of goodness to the world.

Cardinal Bird Named After Catholic Cardinals
By the way, the cardinal bird was named after Cardinals of the Catholic Church due to their scarlet color (the males, anyways) being similar in color to the red portions of Cardinals' vestments.