A St. Therese Christmas Novena & St Malachi

 On Christmas of 1886, about one week before St. Therese's 14th birthday, the young saint experienced an interior conversion that greatly impacted her life.

A Tired Papa And The  Grace Of God
After midnight mass, young Therese overheard her Papa grumble about  the tradition of opening Christmas goodies placed in shoes near the "chimney-corner."  Normally, her beloved Papa grumbling about anything to do with Therese would have brought her to tears.  However, this time, God gave her the grace to react with cheer and a sudden desire to fish for souls:

On that night of light began the third period of my life, the most beautiful and the most filled with graces from heaven.  I experienced a great desire to work for the conversion of sinners, a desire I hadn't felt so intensely before.  (Chapter V of Story of a Soul

December 25 - January 2 ... Nine Days
If you start a novena on Christmas Day, it ends on St. Therese's birthday: January 2!

Personal Prayer or Already-Composed Prayer?
I'm one who sometimes prefers to make up my own prayers/novena ... St. Therese herself was not typically fond of long wordy prayers. However, many do prefer elegant and poetic-like prayers.  So, if a St. Therese Christmas Novena appeals to your heart, consider making one up or use one below during these nine days from Christmas until the Little Flower's birthday:

24-Knot Prayer Rope for the 24 Glory Be-s Novena
(Really just a piece of yarn with 24 knots.)

The Feast of St. Malachi
Today, December 18, is the Feast Day of the Old Testament Prophet, Saint Malachi ...
2004 Martyrologium Romanum (Roman Martyrology)
We hear two readings from Saint Malachi's writings during the course of the 3 year cycle of Sunday Mass Bible passages:

Mal 1:14b—2:2b, 8-10 Year A 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time
Mal 3:19-20a Year C 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
But for you who fear my name,
there will arise the sun of justice with its healing rays.
Malachi 3:20a