The 1950 Dodge ... A Ten Year Project ... Completed!

Bringing Home the 1950 Dodge
June, 2002
A little over ten years ago, my husband and three sons stumbled upon an old fixer-upper truck.  They decided that it would be a fun project for Dad and the boys to work on.  But ... Marching Band, Christmas Concerts, Band Contests, Soccer Games, Track Meets, Cross Country Meets, and life in general got in the way.  Fixing up the truck became a slow process.

Progress After Two Years
For starters, the truck had to be completely dismantled, sanded down, and all bits and pieces organized.  After two years, we had come this far.

Finally, we were down to one child left at home who was very close to driving age.  It was REALLY time to make this truck work.  This past summer, my husband and Noah (who was only 5 years old when we first bought the dilapidated truck) really hauled.  Every spare moment was spent in the garage working on this elephant of a project.  Towards the end of the summer, Noah had to start up with Band Camp and Football practice, leaving Chad alone for chunks of some of the last touches.  But, low and behold, the truck is now finished.

A Happy Camper with a New Driver's License
 and a Nicely Refurbished 1950 Dodge

What Seamus (now 26 and married) and Ian (now 24 and living in Virginia) helped Chad start 10 years ago has now become Noah's (to use, not necessarily to keep!) ... who just got his driver's license and is very pleased to drive this well-invested treasure to and from school.

Trivia Question ... Who is the patron saint of Vehicles?

Hint ...

Answer ... St. Elijah
Feast Day: July 20