September 25 - The Feast of St. Cleopas - A Perfect Day to Take a Walk

The Road to Emmaus by Sr. Marie-Paul Farran, O.S.B.

The Benedictine Monastery of the Mount of Olives
- Home of Sr. Marie-Paul Farran, OSB 
September 25 - the Feast of St. Cleopas (CLAY-o-pas) - is a good day to take a nice prayerful walk in honor of this New Testament saint.  According to St. Luke, Cleopas and an unnamed companion (his wife?), hiked seven miles to Emmaus on the first Easter morning and met Jesus along the way … not recognizing Him until they sat down to eat.

 Now that very day two of them (Cleopas and friend) were going to a village seven miles from Jerusalem called Emmaus.              ~Luke 24:13

Cleopas in the Roman Martyrology