Novena to St. Moses

Saint Moses
Today (September 4) the Church remembers a great Old Testament Saint: Moses.  I have heard that he is a really good saint to pray to in times of need.  It’s hard to find any already-written prayers on the Old Testament saints, but you can try this Jesus Prayer/biblical novena if you’d like.  It requires the use of a 33-knot chotki/prayer rope (just tie 33 knots on a piece of string – 33 represents the number of years that Jesus lived).

Then, on each day for nine consecutive days:
1) Ask St. Moses to pray for your special intention.

2) Say one Jesus Prayer for each knot (33 times):
               Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me!

3) Read one St. Moses Bible passage:

Day 1 ~ Exodus 3:4-10
Day 2 ~ Exodus 4:10-17
Day 3 ~ Exodus 11:1-3
Day 4 ~ Exodus 12:21-28
Day 5 ~ Leviticus 19:1,17-18
Day 6 ~ Numbers 1:1-3
Day 7 ~ Numbers 21:4-9
Day 8 ~ Deuteronomy 6:4-9
Day 9 ~ Deuteronomy 34:1-8

Of course, you can also make up your own prayer to St. Moses; it’s what comes from the heart that matters the most in prayer.

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