Novena to St. Moses

Saint Moses
Today (September 4) the Church remembers a great Old Testament Saint: Moses.  I have heard that he is a really good saint to pray to in times of need.  It’s hard to find any already-written prayers on the Old Testament saints, but you can try this Biblical Novena if you’d like.  

Read and ponder one St. Moses Bible passage each day ...

Day 1 ~ Exodus 3:4-10
Day 2 ~ Exodus 4:10-17
Day 3 ~ Exodus 11:1-3
Day 4 ~ Exodus 12:21-28
Day 5 ~ Leviticus 19:1,17-18
Day 6 ~ Numbers 1:1-3
Day 7 ~ Numbers 21:4-9
Day 8 ~ Deuteronomy 6:4-9
Day 9 ~ Deuteronomy 34:1-8


  1. Thank you, I made the rope and am praying the Novena. Please join in praying for our as yet unborn son... Moses

    1. How wonderful! I too will ask Moses to pray for you and your beautiful son, Moses!

  2. Finished the Novena... Few weeks before birth... Some complications, but God is in control here. Thank you

    1. I hope St. Moses brought you some comfort. I will say a few extra prayers for your little Moses! Just a few more weeks!!!!

      Here is a Litany to many Old Testament saints (including Moses):

  3. what is Jesus Prayer? Is it the Our Father? (The Lords Prayer)

    1. Thank you, Ella ... The Jesus Prayer is a very ancient and simple prayer. One version is "Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me." Here's a more thorough explanation of the Jesus Prayer:

      And a shorter article:


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