Meeting A Modest Silver Medalist ... Jimmy Feigen

Seamus Nelson* (holding the Silver Medal) and Jimmy Feigen (holding a rescued dog)
Yesterday I had the fun experience of meeting an Olympic Silver Medalist - Jimmy Feigen.  Jimmy is from San Antonio and despite being one of the youngest swimmers on the U.S.A. team, he managed to come in second place in the 4 x 100 freestyle swimming relay in the 2012 London Olympics.

Being an animal lover, Jimmy has very generously chosen the San Antonio Humane Society as a charity to endorse.  He visited the facility yesterday, gave a thoughtful speech, signed autographs, and cuddled with one of the recently rescued puppies.  Although he is an Olympic Champion, his humble demeanor was more impressive than his Silver Medal (which was pretty cool ... and heavy!).  His Mom and sister were real sweet too!

*My son Seamus works at the San Antonio Humane Society, which is how I managed to learn about this fun event.