A Good Man: Rediscovering My Father, Sargent Shriver - Book Review

 Mark Kennedy Shriver wrote a wonderful book about his Dad, Sargent Shriver.  He picked the perfect title, for it is clear, Sargent Shriver was indeed a "Good Man."  If you are looking for an inspiring biography to read and would like ideas on how to become a better person, I would suggest this book.  It is, however, missing one essential element ...

Despite growing pressure to embrace a pro-choice stance, Sargent Shriver and his wife, Eunice Kennedy Shriver (sister to President Kennedy) never wavered.  They wholeheartedly considered unborn fetuses to be human beings - human beings fully deserving of life, no matter any inconvenience presented.  I was disappointed that Mark Shriver did not include this about his father ... why would he leave that out?

In honor of Sargent Shriver's pro-life stance, I decided to include this cute advertisement I happened upon in Liguorian:


One neat thing that Mark noted about his Dad in the memoir, was the notes that Sargent would shove under Mark's bedroom door now and then.  They were often just simple notes with words of encouragement.  If Sargent Shriver could shove a note under Mark's bed now, I like to think that he would write something like this:

A really cool quote from the book (referring to the challenges of taking care of a father with Alzheimer's):

"You have to love them as God's creation, part of God's grandeur, despite it all."
- Mark K. Shriver 


  1. In an interview the book report radio had with Mark Shriver (http://bookreportradio.com/interviews/Mark%20Shriver%20Interview%20WEBSITE%2006302012.mp3) , he also claimed a beautiful thing: If the only thing I have succeeded in doing by writing this book, is for parents to start writing notes for their children, then I would be happy. I find that alone truly inspirational. What an epic family, history, and legacy. And so much of it still alive with all the five children.

  2. A great point, Kindra. A wonderful, yet not very difficult, parenting technique!


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