Rest Areas in Rural Texas

Rural Texas Rest Area
My husband had to travel to Round Rock, TX a few weeks ago and decided to take the scenic back roads.  He got a good chuckle out of this "rest area" he saw along the way.  These sorts of rest areas were much more prevalent 30 years ago in Texas ... but, now you don't happen upon them very often.  A fun reminder of days past.  (I wonder if the rancher on the other side of the fence gets any sort of rent?)

An Update ...
If you read my posting, "A Full Heart" (two postings ago) that shared a certain sadness over my son outgrowing his boyhood lizard-catching days, you might enjoy this ... A few days ago he posted some photos on facebook from his honeymoon and one was of a lizard he had caught during the trip :)

A Lizard From Antigua

And here is a nicer photo from his honeymoon ...

Seamus and Mary Teresa