A Full Heart

Within the frame of one week, recently, I had a series of three special events:

1959 Penny

~1~  A Penny
On Sunday, my husband found a penny in our backyard ... on the ground next to the grill ... the grill where he has grilled something almost every weekend for the past 11 years.  The funny thing about this penny is that it is a 1959 penny ... I was born in 1959.  Pennies have come my way during times of emotional events (roses do too), but a penny from the year of my birth really felt extraordinary.

First Day Of Work

~2~ My Youngest Went to Work 
On Monday, my youngest, Noah, started a job.  The summer of 2012 will be my first summer in 26 years where I will not have at least one Nelson boy at my side all summer long.  It feels weird ... I will miss the days of swimming, going to the park, dodging rubber band wars, stumbling over forts made out of couch cushions, taking nature hikes, long games of Monopoly, etc.  

~3~ My Oldest Got Married
My oldest son, Seamus, got married on Saturday. He was very ready and his now-wife is very sweet ... they are a good match. Though in some ways I want him to go back to being that little boy who loved to catch lizards and play Kick the Can, my heart lets me know that this step is a good one for him.  It all just goes so fast!  That song, Don't Blink keeps churning through my mind these days.

The 1959 penny that started my special week feels like a sign from heaven ...  I'm not sure exactly what the message behind it was ... That I am aging?  That God is keeping an eye on me and my family?  That all will be well?  Maybe it was just a friendly hello from God.  I do feel like it was a nice gift to help me start off a week that was to alter my life in so many ways.


  1. I think it is to honor your big heart but mostly to let you know that time is meaningless unless we use it wisely to love, live and learn about God. You are special. Hoot


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