St. Noah Mawaggali and The Feast of The Visitation

This coming Thursday, May 31, is a special day for my son, Noah.  We like to celebrate patron saint days in our family, and for years we used Noah's middle name (Chad) for a patron saint.  I just couldn't find the Biblical Noah or any other Noah in any saint resource.  Surely the Noah from the Bible is in heaven ... I just couldn't imagine otherwise, but still, I really wanted a saint from a resource like Butler's Lives of the Saints with an official feast day.  A few years back I purchased a copy of the most recent Roman Martyrology - the book that Butler's draws from and was happily surprised to find a Saint Noah!  His feast day is on May 31 ... so, this nice guy gets to share a special day with Saints Mary and Elizabeth in honor of their Feast of The Visitation.

This is the only holy card/image I could find
connected with St. Noah Mawaggali. 
My son keeps it in his wallet, so it is a little worn!
I got it from  

The back side of the card ... St. Noah (Nowa) is the 8th martyr listed.

Saint Noah Mawaggali
You can find this saint's name spelled in a variety of ways:
St. Noah was born in Uganda, Africa near 1850, and as an adult worked as a potter and tanner.  Through his landlord, he learned about the Catholic Faith and chose to be baptised ... at the age of 35.  Noah Mawaggali was active in his faith, even when persecutions against Catholics surfaced.  He was targeted as a Catholic, and on May 31, 1886 (about 6 months after his baptism) he was accosted, stabbed with a spear, and fed to dogs.

Saint Noah Mawaggali actually has two feast days ... May 31 for his personal martyrdom, and June 3 which commemorates the martyrdom of 22 Catholic Ugandans from the time.


  1. This is fascinating. Congrats to your son on finding "his" saint!

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! It has been fun for him ... another good role model I am thankful for!


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