Scarves and Illuminated Manuscripts ~ Keeping Seniors Busy

Hand-Crocheted Scarves
I few weeks ago I wrapped up a school year of teaching a 12th Grade CCD class.  Really, the very best way to teach a bunch of 17-18 year olds is to keep them BUSY!  I felt an inspiration to teach them how to crochet scarves ... they LOVED it (except for a few of the boys ... but they were good and patient sports)!  The noise level decreased dramatically when their hands were busy with  crochet hooks and yarn - yet their ears were still willing to work - they listened to all (most of, really) I wanted to share with them.   When the weather gets cold again, we'll get the scarves to some needy folks who could use a bit of extra warmth. 

Illuminated Manuscripts
Another project I often like to teach CCD kids is the art of Illuminated Manuscripts.  As you can see from above, they put some heart into this project too ... and learned about some of the Saints in the Bible at the same time!

1) Make sure each student has a Bible, a few sheets of blank paper and plenty of markers and/or colored pencils.
2) Pick out a Bible verse (maybe the Responsorial Psalm of Sunday's mass), or a saint. 
3) Explain to the students how in the pre-printing press days, monks, nuns, and scribes copied Bibles by hand.  Often they would “illuminate” some of the pages by enlarging and decorating the first letter of the first word of a page or spaces in the margins the artwork often representing something from the words on the page.  (If possible, bring a sample of an“Illuminated Letter” from a Google Image search or library book).  
4) Have the students illuminate the Bible verse or saint's name by creating a large decorated first letter, and filling in free space with relevant symbols, drawings, or geometric designs.

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A Good Summer Read:
If you are looking for a good book to read this summer, consider Story of a Soul by St. Therese ... it's even free on Kindle now!

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A Great Mother's Day ... all three of my kids got home.  The one on my left (with the Happy Mother's Day T-Shirt) was a big shock, for he lives in Virginia!!!  The boys got together and orchestrated this fun surprise for me.  For those of you with kids entering their adult years, you can empathise with me.  Getting them all together in one room doesn't happen as often!  My pretty and sweet almost-daughter-in-law came over too.  So, we had a very happy day.  People often comment on my sons' heights ... believe it or not, I used to be considered tall.  I guess when you put on about 50 pounds during a pregnancy, though, the babies are bound to be big.