Feast of St. Jeremiah

St. Jeremiah Distraught Over the Destruction of Jerusalem
Today - May 1 - is the Feast of an Old Testament prophet and saint:  Saint Jeremiah.  His book is the second in the section of the prophets' books.  It's a bit tricky to read and absorb, but basically, he tried real hard to get the people of Judah to follow the ways of God.  Below is an acrostic-styled list of bits and pieces about St. Jeremiah ....

J - Josiah:  Jeremiah became a prophet during the reign of good King Josiah (Jeremiah 1:2).

E - Exile: Jeremiah was one of those left behind, while thousands of his countrymen were forced into exile in Babylon (40:1-6).

R - Ruin: Jeremiah tried to warn the people of Judah of the possible ruin of their country if they did not live in Godly ways (13:15-17).

E - Egypt: While his countrymen were in Babylon, Jeremiah was eventually taken to Egypt (43:6-7).

M - Messages: Jeremiah was frustrated over the people of Judah ignoring messages of God (8:18-23).

I -  Imagination: Jeremiah tried to appeal to the imagination of the Judahites by comparing the power of God to a potter's clay (18:1-10).

A - Anguish: Jeremiah felt great anguish over the behavior of his countrymen (20:8).

H - Hope: Jeremiah also gave messages of hope for an eventual restoration of the Israelite nation (33:6-7).