A Family Litany of Saints

Back in March, while visiting my son Ian in Virginia, I came across this neat booklet in the back of his church.  The author presented an idea that I thought was just great ... making up your own Litany of the Saints!  So, inspired by the book, I created a Litany of the Saints for my family based on everyone's patron/name saint:

St. Chad (for my husband), please pray for us.
St. Therese (my patroness), please pray for us.
St. James the Greater (for my oldest, Seamus), please pray for us.
Our Lady of the Pillar (for my almost-daughter-in-law), please pray for us.
St. John the Evangelist (for my middle son, Ian), please pray for us.
St. Noah (for my youngest, Noah), please pray for us.

Litany of the Saints - Aberdeen Breviary, 1509