Mini Bible Prayers

A few years ago I had a pastor who loved to tell us about the many Bible verses that are prayer-like in their wording.  I sometimes prefer a simple prayer over a long-flowery prayer, so this concept really caught my attention.

Below are a few examples (the words underlined can be deleted or changed to make the prayer more applicable to your needs):

Make straight Your way before me.
~Psalm 5:96

Let me be filled with your presence.
~ Psalm 17:15

Cleanse me from my unknown faults.
~ Psalm 19:13b

Lord, help me.
~ Matthew 15:25b

Lord, have pity on my son.
~ Matthew 17:15

If You wish, You can make me clean.
~ Mark 1:40b

Lord … only say the word and my servant will be healed.
~ Matthew 8:8b

O God, be merciful to me, a sinner.
~ Luke 18:13b

My Lord and my God!
~ John 20:28b

Lord, You know everything; you know that I love You.
~ John21:17b

Taking a rosary and repeating one of these Scriptural prayers on each bead can be a very soothing exercise … very calming to the soul.