Married Couple Saints

With so many marriages in a state of difficult struggle, it seems a good idea to ponder the lives of some married couples who are counted as Saints or Blesseds in the Catholic Church ... and to ask for their prayers:  

The parents of Mary and grandparents of Jesus.
Feast Day - July 26

The mother and foster father of Jesus.
Feast Days - January 1 (and many others) & March 19

The parents of St. John the Baptist.
Feast Day - September 23
(formerly November 5)

A possible married couple from the New Testament.
Feast Days - April 24 (formerly  April 9) & September 25

The Church of Saints Aquila and Priscilla
A couple who helped Paul in his missionary works.
Acts 18:1-3, 18,26
Feast Day - July 8

Friends of St. Paul who had a House Church at their home in Colossae.
Feast Day - November 22

Sts. Timothy And Maura
Photo Credit: Orthodox Monastery Icons
Married only 20 days, this couple was martyred for their faith in A.D. 286.
Feast Day: May 3

Sts. Adrian and Natalia of Nicodemia
Adrian tortured and then persecuted for beliefs in 306.
Natalia ministered to Adrian and other prisoners.
Feast Days: September 8 & December 1

Saints Gregory the Elder and Nonna
Cappadocia, Asia Minor - 200s/300s
Feast Days: January 1 &  August 5

Saints Basil the Elder and Emmelia
Had four sons and five daughters. Three of the sons became bishops, one became a monk, and a daughter became a nun.  Lived in the 300s.
Feast Day - May 30

Saints Henry II and Cunegunda
Pious German Royalty - late 900s and early 1000s
Feast Days: July 13 & March 3

A devout couple who lived in the 12th century near Madrid, Spain.  They had one son. 
Feast Day - May 15

This couple, despite being born into nobility and wealth, chose
 to live as Third Order Franciscans.  They both died in the 1300s 
and are buried together in Apt, France.
Feast Day - September 26

 Blesseds Saints Louis and Azélie Martin
Parents of St. Thérèse.
Update:  Louis and Azélie were canonized in October, 2015
Feast Day - July 12

(photo credit - The Black Cordelias)
A devout couple from Italy.  They lived from the late 1800s
until the mid 1900s.  They had four children,
three of whom entered religious life.
Feast Day - November 25

Blessed Karl the Emperor and The Venerable Empress Zita
Catholic Royalty of Austria - 1800s-1900s
Feast Day - October 21

By the way, today - April 24 - is the feast of St. Mary of Cl[e]opas, the possible wife of St. Cleopas.  It is also the feast of St. Salome; although her husband, Zebedee, is not listed in the Roman Martyrology, I like to think that he is indeed in heaven along with Salome and their apostle sons, James and John.

Married Saints From The Bible

Litany of Saints for Married Couples

Saints Ann and Joachim   -   pray for us.
Saints Mary and Joseph   -   pray for us.
Saints Elizabeth and Zechariah   -   pray for us.
Saints Mary of Cl[e]opas and Cleopas   -   pray for us.
Saints Aquila and Priscilla   -   pray for us.
Saints Philemon and Apphia   -   pray for us.
Saints Timothy and Maura   -   pray for us.
Saints Adrian and Natalia   -   pray for us.
Saints Gregory the Elder and Nonna   -   pray for us.
Saints Basil the Elder and Emmelia   -   pray for us.
Saints Henry II and Cunegunda   -   pray for us.
 Saints Isidore and Maria de la Cabeza   -   pray for us.
Saint Elzear and Blessed Delfina   -   pray for us.
Saints Louis and Azélie Martin   -   pray for us.
Blesseds Luigi Beltrame Quattrocchi and Maria Corsini   -   pray for us.
Blessed Karl and Venerable Zita   -   pray for us.

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  1. Yeah, I've read some of their stories in the bible. Very inspiring.

  2. Thanks! I'll ask them to all say a few prayers for your couples counseling center!


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