Book Review - "The Cameo" by Lorraine Shelstad

The Cameo
I enjoy an historical fiction book now and then … it can really be a very comfortable and fun way to learn some history.  I also like an occasional historical romance novel, if it is a gentle and tender sort of romance.  And, of course, I enjoy reading about Catholic things. However, finding these three genres blended into one book can be quite a challenge! But, I recently did find one and enjoyed it very much!
The Cameo is a charming novel set in both the 1800s and post-World War II Europe. It involves an intriguing mystery (about a uniquely designed cameo), a few sweet romances, thoughtful and accurate portrayals of the periods, non-aggressive teachings of the Catholic Church, and more.
Written by a former Evangelical Protestant - now Catholic - Lorraine Shelstad, The Cameo is an enlightening, well-told, and gratifying story.