7 Quick Takes Friday

Less is More
A few months ago I felt a strong compulsion to simplify my life a bit. It has felt good.  Life seems to naturally bring with it a certain amount of hectic-ness (see 3 and 7 below for just two examples), so I need to carefully monitor how many extras I allow in! The downsizing of activities has allowed me to return to quiet, simple, hermit-like writing … which is good. I am enjoying the (relatively-speaking) peace and quiet.

El Camino De Santiago De Compostela
I went ahead and purchased a copy of the the recent-ish movie, The Way. I was going to just order it through Netflix, but the Camino is very special to my family. We drove the northern route from Italy in 1996, and in 2010 my three sons hiked this holy pilgrimage (to be honest, they did spend a chunk of time on the bus so that they could have a bit of extra time to go to the beach at the end of the pilgrimage). So, I decided it was worth owning a copy. It helps to keep some special memories alive.

Mother of the Groom
Oy! I will be a Mother of the Groom in less than two months and I still need a dress! I have gone to my favorite store twice now … a store where where fun and comfy outfits always jump out at me. But, I can't seem to find just the right fit/dress/outfit/color this time.  I have resorted to the mall (2x - ugh) and countless other shops.  I need to find a patron saint for mothers of grooms!

  A Novena Sign
I’ve been working on a novena to St. Thérèse, and in the midst of the novena my husband surprised me with a bountiful bunch of beautiful roses from our garden early Easter morning.

  Saint Joseph
I've got St. Joseph working on the same intentions that I have St. Thérèse tending to.  I know the candle has no magic powers, but it is a pleasant and peaceful reminder to stop now and then and ask the good foster-father of our Lord to please pray for my intentions.

  A Quiet Easter
We are down to just one child living at home now.  The oldest is wrapping up school and had to help with a University Debate Tournament on Easter (Yes … on Easter!  I agree … unbelievable!!!).  Our middle son lives in Virginia and couldn’t get down to Texas.  So, it was just my husband, me, and our 15-year-old.  But, that’s fine.  A quiet holiday is good sometimes.  Besides the resurrection of Jesus, another good Easter story is of how Cleopas and his friend (his wife? – my favorite theory) spent the first Easter day walking to Emmaus, mulling over all the events of the few days before, ultimately spending a good chunk of the day with Jesus (Luke 24).  I like that example – spending Easter in a quiet manner with Jesus.

Track Meets
We drove about 65 miles (130 miles if you include the return trip!) to watch our son in a track meet this week. Sometimes that seems silly to me! Hours on the road for maybe ten minutes of viewing our child. But, it was a beautiful spring day with plenty moments of peace and some great fresh air.  Plus, our oldest met us there, so we got to see him too.  So, lots of pluses, really.