St. Anthony's of Cementville, TX

St. Anthony's Shrine
Built for Cementville Worshipers

Last Thursday, I went into San Antonio to visit an ailing priest-friend of mine.  He was one day short of his 88th birthday and his life sadly seems to be winding down.  (Sad for me ... he is ready to "go home.")

Down the lane a bit from his retirement/nursing home is a very unique little chapel.  This particular area of San Antonio was once known as "Cementville," it was an area where workers from a nearby cement plant worked and lived.  The small church was built for the many Catholic laborers of the plant.  At the time of Cementville's existence, many of the cement workers were poor, however, times have dramatically changed.  The area is now filled with comfortable looking condos, homes with beautifully manicured lawns, and elegant and extensive shopping.

Fortunately, the little chapel is left behind to remind San Antonians of a unique time in history and offers a quiet place of prayer in the midst of a now busy area.

The Inside of St. Anthony's Shrine
- now an Adoration Chapel 


  1. Thank you for posting this photo. I tried to make a visit to the chapel but it was closed at the time. I have been there before because Cementville is a part of my family history. My father's family lived in Cementville and both my grandfather and father worked at the plant. Many of my relatives still live near St. Anthony de Padua church and attend services there.

    1. How neat that you have family history through Cemmentville! Such a unique part of San Antonio's history! Enjoyed your comment!

  2. I too enjoyed this picture I grew up in Cementville. Dad worked there from 1959 thru 1973 we used to walk past the shrine on our way to school

    1. What wonderful Cemmentville history you have, Rudy! Blessings!


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