Sunday, March 19, 2017

St. Joseph - A 100-ish Year Old Painting

 A 100-ish Year Old Painting of St. Joseph 
Donated by a Polish Settler Descendant
St. Stanislaus Church, Bandera, TX

More Photos From Some of the Polish Settlers of the Town

A Few Relic Cases on Display in the Parish Hall
Holding Treasures From the Earliest Settlers of the Church

Friday, March 10, 2017

Some Lacy Alsatian Crosses

Yesterday my husband and I visited our grandchildren in a town about an hour away ... in a Texas town settled by Alsatian immigrants.  We drove by the cemetery on the way and some beautiful 1800s Alsatian Crosses caught my eye ...

Not as ornate, but there were a lot of this style too ...
intriguing in their own way.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Blessed Onesimus the Slave - February 15

Onesimus and Paul while Paul is writing to Onesimus's masters, Philemon and Apphia.

Read Philemon 7-18 to see how Paul gently asked Philemon and Apphia to welcome their runaway slave, Onesimus, back as a Christian brother.

Onesimus, a Saint for Discouraged Hearts

A Realistic Fictional Account of Onesimus (1882):
Free E-Book
Onesimus by Edwin A. Abbott(1838-1926)

[Onesimus] is handled in a striking manner; the tone is reverent; and the treatment is eminently artistic, and quite winning in its simple, dignified beauty.
Another Book on Onesimus that Looks Intriguing:
Twice Freed
E-Book by Patricia St. John

Friday, February 3, 2017

A New Book - Saints in Scripture

~ Click Here to Find Saints in Scripture on Amazon ~
Whether curious to know each of the Apostles better, what heavenly messages the Prophets presented, which holy ones witnessed Jesus’ Passion, or who helped to fortify the Church in its earliest days, Saints in Scripture shares the stories of these and many more saints found within the pages of the Bible.  Drawing from the most up-to-date Roman Martyrology (2004 – Vatican Publishing House), this book contains 111 easy-to-read biographies on holy people from Scripture officially recognized as saints by the Catholic Church.
          Saints in Scripture is organized by feast daystarting with the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 1 and ending with St. David the King on December 29.  A handy alphabetized chart is also included so you can zero in on individual saints with ease.  Dozens of black-and-white images are also included to enhance the saints’ narratives.
          Consider looking at the Bible from a new anglethrough the stories of saints such as Melchizedek, Job, Haggai, Andrew, Mary of Clopas, Salome, Lydia, Onesimus, Dionysiusand many, many more.

Saints in Scripture Lends Itself as …

 A Unique Bible Study
With a group or individually.  Each biographical account is followed by Bible references to help you dig and delve further into the lives of each saint.

A Resource for Inspiring Name Ideas
For babies, Confirmation, or RCIA Candidates.

 A Handy Devotional
To enhance Advent, Lent, a pilgrimage, a retreat, Eucharistic Adoration time, or for any chunk of time set aside for spiritual enrichment.

A Way to Make Some New Friends in Heaven
Whether getting to know a favorite Bible Saint better, or learning about a relatively unknown holy one in the Bible, let the men and women in Saints in Scripture shed an encouraging light on your life’s journeyconsider discovering someone new to ask for heavenly intercession.  Though these people lived long ago, they are nonetheless in heaven, ready and willing to pray for us.

Are You A Book Reviewer?
If you write book reviews for a blog or periodical, and would like to read and assess Saints in Scripture, please contact me at:, and I’ll send you a free copy.

Please Let Me Know What You Think!
If you read Saints in Scripture, I’d love to hear your comments.  Please e-mail me at:

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A Sample Entry

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Friday, January 6, 2017

New Year's Day On The Mission Trail

Some great weather on January 1 this year!  Perfect for riding bikes and exploring San Antonio's beautiful Missions!

Mass at Mission Concepcion

The Baby Jesus

Leaving Mission Concepcion ...
Heading to the Hike-Bike Path ...
On the Way to Mission San Jose

Mission San Jose

Pizza For Lunch

Taking a Rest!

Time With My College Boy!

Heading to Mission San Juan Capistrano

Hike-Bike Trail

Mission  San Juan Capistrano

Mission San Francisco de la Espada

Pooped Out!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

1800s Bible with Steel Engravings Honoring Mary, the Blessed Mother

Some sweet engravings from my husband's family's 1800s Bible honoring Mary as the Mother of God ...

Mary, Jesus, Little John the Baptist and Some Angels

St. Luke the Evangelist Painting a Portrait of Mary

A Beautiful 1800s Bible

I couldn't find a copyright page, but the Matrimony Page (Showing the names of the witnesses)
shows that the Bible was inscribed in 1899.

This Family Bible holds 21 beautiful "Steel Engravings" (copied onto paper pages of the Bible, of course) along with many other illustrations.

Impressive Closure Buckles
The Full Matrimony Page
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